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We have a growing list of satisfied customers around the world, and the following success stories are quite typical. For confidentiality the names of our clients are omitted.

Scenario A:
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Company T was a mid-sized German company located in Baden-Wuerttemberg, specialized in injection moulding processing for automotive, home appliance, and medical peripherals clients. They started from developing injection moulds in China together with Alfa-Sourcing, at first relatively simple products, and then more sophisticated ones. Alfa-Sourcing coordinated the mould design together with the German development engineers. From T0, every trial was supervised by Alfa-Sourcing engineers on site, and the photos, videos and measuring report were submitted to Company T immediately. When they were approved finally by Alfa-Sourcing, the samples were sent to Company T attached with initial sample approval documents. After official release from Company T, the moulds were packed professionally and sent to Germany. The whole process takes only 30-40 days and the costs for moulds were reduced by almost 50% compared to German suppliers, and these moulds are still working perfectly at Company T even today after more than 1 million shots.

Encouraged by the success, Company T found new opportunities to reduce cost. Instead of producing injection plastic parts themselves, they source them through Alfa-Sourcing. They first transferred the old moulds from Germany to China, then built new moulds for new products in China. With the strong quality management and logistic support from Alfa-Sourcing, Company T enjoys smooth deliveries on weekly basis. The direct cost saving is estimated at 25%, and more saving is foreseeable when some of the assembly works are transferred too. Thanks to outsourcing, Company T now has more capacity available for higher value adding products.

Scenario B:
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Company C was a rather small garden equipment supplier located in the Midlands of UK. They were very successful in product development and marketing and sales in their niche, but with limited resources they were unable to invest into expensive manufacturing facilities, especially when their products involve such different technologies as plastic blow moulding, soft hoses, brass and plastic fittings, electric cabling, as well as sheet metal forming. The solution was Alfa-Sourcing. Joint project teams were established to enable engineers from both parties to manage the development in a transparent and controllable manner.

In two years, a series of projects have been completed and more were in the pipe-line. The result was fantastic. Alfa-Sourcing coordinated various production processes in China professionally, and made regular deliveries to UK of pre-assembled component sets. All Company C has to do is complete the final assembly before delivering to customers.

By working with Alfa-Sourcing, Company C avoided expensive capital expenditure on manufacturing, and was able to focus all their resources on tackling the market.

Scenario C:
reference 3.jpg

Company G was a well-established Italian sanitary ware company. They had been sourcing from China directly by their own for years. However, the effort did not seem to pay off. The on-going quality instability and the poor handling of claims became unbearably annoying. Worse still, they lost some customer orders because the Chinese supplier was not able to deliver on time! The mistakes might not all come from the Chinese side, but clearly much valuable information were lost in the communication due to language and culture barrier, for which neither party could be simply blamed of.

Company G hired Alfa-Sourcing as a sourcing agent on commission basis, acting as a representative to manage the business with the existing Chinese suppliers, including technical and logistic matters. Within a few months, the situation was stabilised. It were stainless steel products (brushed, powder coated, chrome-plated), rubber, and silicon products that Company G were purchasing from China, and the quality of these products were quite dependent on process stability. Without a strong local agent to ensure quality and smooth communication, it would be highly risky to source from Europe directly even if the price tag looks very attractive.

Satisfied with the service, Company G started considering making Alfa-Sourcing their one-stop sourcing centre in China to enjoy a shorter communication and supply chain

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