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The Difference Between Injection Molding And Die Transfer
- Sep 14, 2017 -

In-mold injection and mold transfer printing contrast:
First of all, they are two completely different concepts that cannot be confused.
The English abbreviation for injection molding is called IMD, which includes a die Labeling (IML), an inline die (IMF), and an inward impression (IMR). This shows that the mold inward printing is one part of the injection molding.

IMR's Chinese name: model Inward Printing
This process is to print the pattern on the film, through the film delivery machine to the diaphragm and plastic mold cavity laminating extrusion, after extrusion has a pattern of ink layer and film separation, ink layer left on the plastic parts and get the surface has decorative patterns of plastic parts, the final product surface is not a layer of transparent protective film, the diaphragm is only a carrier in the production process. But IMR's advantage lies in the high degree of automation in production and the low cost of mass production. IMR shortcomings: Printing pattern layer on the surface of the product, the thickness of only a few microns, product use after a period of time will be easy to wear the printed pattern layer, also easy to fade, resulting in a very unattractive surface. In addition, the new product development cycle is long, high development costs, the pattern color can not achieve small batch flexibility is also IMR process can not overcome weaknesses.

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