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Key Technologies Of The Plastic Profile Industry Take-off
- Sep 14, 2017 -

In recent years, the domestic plastic profile industry has made rapid development. In particular, with the rapid development and application of products, the plastic profile industry has become an important part of the plastic industry, the economic pull of the industry is playing an increasingly important role.

It is understood that the plastic profile industry's main products include: plastic doors and windows, plastic pipe, plastic sheet, plastic waterproof membrane and plastic profile. Among them, plastic pipe materials, plastic plates and other products have entered a stable and mature growth period for the most mature plastics profiles. Data show that only plastic profile has an annual output of 2.8 million tons of production capacity, the entire industry scale is also accelerating to expand.

In this respect, the industry pointed out that the domestic plastic profile industry is entering the development of high-speed period. In particular, under the guidance of relevant national policies, the domestic plastic profile industry will be more rapid development. In fact, the plastic profile industry in the current plastics profiles, plastic pipes, plastic plates and other products in China has formed a huge chemical building materials industry chain, it is expected that its future market total demand is expected to reach 10 million tons, for the development of the entire industry has undoubtedly provided a strong impetus.

However, with the rapid development of the industry, plastic profile industry is also emerging new development problems and bottlenecks, such as lack of core technology capabilities, comprehensive competitiveness is not strong. In addition, with the domestic market competition is fierce, but also to domestic plastic profile enterprises put forward higher requirements and challenges.

Therefore, in the face of good development prospects and fierce market competition, the experts pointed out that domestic plastic profile enterprises must closely meet the needs of the market, and constantly strengthen product research and development and innovation capabilities, and constantly improve the comprehensive level of products, in order to the future market share of more.

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