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In-mold Injection IMD Compared To The Advantages Of Traditional Products
- Sep 14, 2017 -

IMD Advantage
1, product Stability: To make the product consistency and standardization of the correct chromatic
2, Product durability: Through the special treatment of coating film protection, can provide products better surface wear resistance and chemical characteristics
3, 3D complex shape design: The application of excellent stretch of thin film, can successfully achieve the required product complexity outside the design requirements
4, diverse style: According to customer needs to create metal plating or natural material special style
5, Process simplification: Through an injection molding process, will be formed and decorated at the same time, can effectively reduce costs and hours, can provide stable production
6, reduce costs and working hours: IMD process only need a set of molds, unlike other old alternative process need to open many sets of treatment, you can remove a job program of manpower and work hours, reduce system costs and inventory costs

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