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Domestic Environmental Pressure Sharply Increase Additives And Other Raw Materials Prices
- Sep 14, 2017 -

It is reported that the fifth meeting of the 12th session of the National People's Congress and the 12th session of the CPPCC, respectively, held in Beijing on March 5, 2017 and March 3. In order to ensure that the "two sessions" in the period can have blue sky white clouds, prevent high pollution, Beijing and Tianjin-related government emergency layout, a number of media reported that local chemical enterprises have received from late February to early March, environmental protection and limited orders, some highly polluting enterprises will be shut down. resulting in a reduction in the supply of raw materials, which has led to higher prices for some raw materials.
In the middle of February, the inspection team, led by the Minister of Environmental Protection, Chen Jining, and four other deputy ministers, has also begun to enter seven provinces and cities in Hebei for a period of one months for special supervision. During this period the Ministry of Environmental Protection will go to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan and other relevant provinces (municipalities) to carry out the first quarter of this year's Special air quality supervision. The Ministry of Environmental Protection is implementing the most powerful air control action yet, and is also a measure after the "environmental cyclone" that blew up at the end of last year. The environmental inspectors shut down heavy polluters and are expected to lead to lower supplies and higher prices for raw materials.
Combined with the above view, the chemical raw materials market will still be high temperature operation, some dealers began to hoard goods. 2017, with the external environment, policy factors, environmental pressure impact, the chemical market can withstand the test of the market, is a serious problem for every chemical enterprise.
March Chemical, auxiliary, raw materials implementation price:
The market again price increase notice, and is the price of money to buy raw materials. Do not talk about the price, your supplier has the goods to you, is the biggest success!
March Textile raw Materials Implementation price increase:
Recently, the trend of chemical fiber products in the opposite direction, polyester polyester is affected by the trend of raw materials, recent enterprise quotes have been reduced, some concessions extended. However, the spandex market is a crazy reappearance, "Chasing Up 3000", "Quotation day effective", "no order" ... Similar price information again brush explosion friend Circle!
Since the second half of last year, the downstream weaving market boom gradually rebounded, most enterprises for many years to empty the fabric inventory, in the inventory empty at the same time, the market order situation also appeared to improve significantly, which led to the purchase of chemical fiber raw materials of the tide. And now in March, the traditional weaving season has also arrived, fabric market orders to improve the demand for raw materials market.
On the other hand, since last year, elastic fabrics have appeared hot, at the end of last year ushered in demand peak, according to market understanding, Jiangsu Round machine start-up load is gradually picking up, at present in 50%-60%, while the overall load of the yarn is about 70% levels, while some weaving enterprises reflect the elastic fabric orders have been received at the end of April, The purchase of Spandex products also makes the raw material inventory of spandex enterprises to maintain low, but also to the spandex enterprise price movements to support.

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