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Development Of Silicone Rubber Industry
- Sep 14, 2017 -

From 18th century, began to invent silicone rubber to today's silicone industry booming, silicone industry experienced from scratch, simple to the process of reproduction. Now silicone manufacturers are also springing up, not only have foreign development for many years the old enterprise, the domestic emerging enterprises are everywhere. The classification of silica gel is also classified in different ways, application scope is also from the initial application only in aviation, military industry, now widely used in electronic and electrical, textile, automobile, machinery, leather paper, metal, paint, medical and pharmaceutical, supporting electrical, electronics, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, Machinery, automobiles and other industries. Silicone products are also more and more closely linked with our lives, work.
Silicone industry in China's rapid development, as of 2014, the use of silica gel will break through hundreds of tons. In the application of silicone products mobile phone sets, because the mobile phone is constantly updated, the corresponding mobile phone shell is also updated quickly, so the demand for silica gel is also relatively large. In Europe and the United States, silica gel is widely used in the kitchen, because of its non-toxic harmless, environmental characteristics. Throughout the country's silicone manufacturers, the production of quality and bad products, mostly low-end products, lack of innovation and design, mainly through imitation to produce products. Many manufacturers of the production environment is uneven, and there are many or a family workshop-style production. This resulted in domestic silicone products in the international high-end product competitiveness is not strong. Silicone product development will be more and more mature, the future development will be increasingly fine differentiation, high-end. Domestic enterprises in the lack of high-end products is what we need to make up for the place, especially in medical silicone products, the basic monopoly of foreign enterprises.
With the development of society. Silicone tubes are widely used in our daily life or in the production activities of many enterprises. Silica Gel tube Demand is also increasing, which also prompted the silicone tube manufacturers to continuously improve their production technology to produce more in line with the needs of products.
Another name for the silicone tube is silicon (xi) hose, silica gel tube chemical formula is MSIO2·NH2O, its chemical shape is relatively stable, so the use of silica gel tube is also covered can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electrical appliances, medical, oven, food and other industrial sectors of good electrical insulation seals, Liquid conveying materials, precision representatives, oil pipelines, household appliances sealing, drinking water pipeline sealing, medicine and other aspects. Although the use of silica gel tube is wide, but its classification is more, silicone tube contains: bottle silicone straw, high-temperature silicone tube, food grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube and many other varieties. A lot of people are more concerned about, silicone tube temperature range is how much? The temperature of high-temperature silicone tube can be -60℃~300℃. Another concern of many people is: Silicone tube life For many years ah? Silicone tube life long, generally up to 10 years.

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