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Can The Forging Production Be Divided Into Several Categories According To The Force?
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Forging is the use of external forces (impact, static pressure) through the work, mold or the attachment, so that the metal blank plastic deformation, so as to obtain the required shape, size and performance of a processing method of forgings.
Forging production According to the force can be divided into manual forging and machine forging two major categories.
Manual forging is a hand-forged tool which relies on manpower to strike, and is carried out on anvil, with great labor intensity. In China has a history of more than thousands of years, at present only for the repair of spare parts and the restructuring of tools.
Machine forging is the use of forging tools on a variety of forging equipment. Machine forging according to the different equipment and tools, can be divided into free forging, model forging, tire die forging and special forging four categories.
(1) Free forging: short-forging. It is to place the heated metal billet in the free forging equipment between the upper and lower anvil forging, the operator to control the deformation of the metal to obtain forging method. Suitable for single piece and small batch production.
(2) model forging: Short die forging. It is to forge the hot metal billet through the mould fixed on the die forging equipment, limit the deformation of the metal, and obtain the production method of the forging which is consistent with the mold bore shape. Suitable for mass production.
(3) Tyre die forging: die forging. It is a form of deformation between forging and forging. The hot metal billet is formed by forging the die by means of a mould which is not fixed on the forging machine. Suitable for medium volume production.
(4) Special forging: It is a kind of forging process which makes metal billet forming in special equipment or inside mould. such as precision die forging, roll forging, rolling forging, high speed hammer forging and so on, this is a new technology developed in modern forging production.

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