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Why use a sourcing agent if I can purchase directly from Chinese factories?

In China there are indeed many excellent factories that can meet your technical requirements. The difficulty is to identify them out of thousands of others, and communicate effectively with them throughout. If your company is big enough to be able to set up a China sourcing office, then it would be possible to manage. If not, we at Alfa-Sourcing are prepared to be your trustworthy partner.

Why Alfa-Sourcing? There are other sourcing firms around.

All sourcing firms are different one way or another, and you have to choose the one that suits you the best. Basically the differentiation comes from production processes and geographic focus.

Alfa-Sourcing has accumulated years of know-how in the limited areas as described in "products and services". We also believe these areas are the ones that give you the most value and least risk when substituting your local equivalent. If a sourcing firm tries to give you an impression that they cover almost all industries you can think of, beware. They are either not telling the truth, or their competence in many of the areas is limited.

Geographically our customers are mainly in Europe, although there's a quick rise seen in North America and Asia. Our suppliers are mainly in East China, which is the biggest manufacturing base of the country.

There are sourcing firms claiming they will match any low prices on the market. Will you do the same?

No. We offer you prices that can give you significant cost saving without compromising product and service quality. We believe there's a bottom line to any business, and that's win-win and sustainability. In fact, we strongly suggest you stay away from those who make such promise, because working with a company without bottom line will expose you to much higher risk and potentially much higher total cost.

How can we be sure that our intellectual properties are protected?

Non-disclosure agreement will be signed, and we take legal responsibility to make sure all sensitive information are kept complete and confidential.

Additionally, we position ourselves as reliable long-term partner for our customers regardless which industry you are in. Our strength is sourcing and we do not have interest in your industry. Therefore we are always on the same side in terms of protecting your know-how and intellectual properties.

How do you ensure quality?

The foundation of our quality is built on the operation excellence of our manufacturing partners. They are the leaders in their respective sectors, not only for technical competence, but also for quality management. They must pass our quality audit prior to becoming our certified manufacturing partner, and after that they will be reviewed regularly to ensure the quality system is operating in compliance with Alfa-Sourcing standard at all times.

For every sourcing project, we believe the quality assurance starts at clear definition and understanding of all relevant specifications of the product. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate with our client thoroughly in the early stage. That's why we organize video conference or telephone conference with purchasers or development engineers regularly during this stage.

For production, our engineers are deeply involved in the process design. It is their duty to approve the working instruction and control plan.

During volume production, our engineers keep direct contact with the factory, and they will step in if there is any early warning.

When production is finished, our quality representative will conduct final inspection. Only when all specifications are met, will the products be shipped out. Inspection documents and, if necessary, photos will be filed for documentation.

In an unlikely case of quality claim, we will handle it with the highest priority. We will solve it not only commercially but also technical in the framework of 8D report, and take all corrective actions to make sure it will never happen again.

Are you able to handle transportation and customs declaration for us?

That's precisely one of our strengths. We have partnered with some of China's best freight forwarders for destinations around the world, and we will always provide you the hassle free service for transportation and customs clearance, whether it's sea, air, or rail.

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